exalting christ ministries (ecm)

A ministry of Community Bible Church to exalt and spread the glory of Christ to all peoples of the earth.

Community Bible Church, Vallejo, California

$180 on-site registration, $59 wife, or $30 each per individual session

The Exalting Christ Conference provides a unique opportunity for church leaders to be encouraged to preach and exalt Christ as they shepherd their local churches and spread the gospel in their communities and beyond.

We invite you to join us Wednesday, 9/13 (1:30 PM), Thursday, 9/14 (8:00 AM), and Friday, 9/15 (7:45 AM), at Community Bible Church of Vallejo for our exciting 2017 theme: "The Man of God Producing Men of God." This year, we are pleased to welcome keynote speakers Brian Croft, Chris Mueller, Manny Pereira, and Phil Foley Wives are welcome to attend.