Main Sessions

Session 1: God's Word to Parents & Those Who Minister to Children
Steve Fernandez

Session 2: Our Hope: God's Heart Is Glorifying Himself through His Son in the Next Generation
Phil Foley


Seminar 1: The Unique Role of Fathers - Phil Foley

Seminar 2: Hiding God's Word in Your Heart - Billy Manapat

Seminar 3: Teaching the Bible to Preschoolers - Becky Foley

Seminar 4: Communicating Grace and Truth to Your Teens - Greg Reed

Seminar 5: How the Church Helps Parents - Phil Foley

Seminar 6: Starting and Maintaining a Children's Midweek Ministry - Mike Hiteshew

Seminar 7: Humility in Working with Children - Jeremy Jackson

Seminar 8: Teaching the Bible to Elementary Kids - Thomas Kawazoe

Seminar 9: Centrality of Discipleship in Teen Ministry - Dan Arcilla

Seminar 10: Teaching Big Truths to Little People - Janice Baker

Seminar 11: Small Group Leading - Ryan Elliott

Seminar 12: Being Fruitful in Your Ministry to Children - Thomas Kawazoe