About the Conference

What is your VISION for the next generation of your family and church?

  • PARENTS: Do you have a Christ-exalting vision for raising your kids?
  • LEADERS: Do you have a Christ-exalting vision for your children/student ministry?
  • STUDENTS: Do you have a Christ-exalting vision for your life?

We seek to encourage and equip parents, ministry workers, and students to examine the biblical mandate of raising up the next generation with a renewed vision of the great commission of Christ.

Main Session Speakers

  • Tony Arnds
    Pastor of Potter Valley Bible Church, Potter Valley

  • Phil Foley
    Pastor of Community Bible Church, Vallejo

  • Jeremy Jackson
    Children’s Ministry Director, Community Bible Church

Seminar Speakers

  • Daniel Arcilla
    • Pastor of Student Ministries, Community Bible Church
  • Vince Bradshaw
    • Pastor of Grace Church of Sacramento
  • Becky Foley
    • Mom's Club Director, Community Bible Church
  • Phil Foley
    • Lead Pastor, Community Bible Church
  • Thomas Kawazoe
    • Children's Church Director, Community Bible Church
  • Billy Manapat
    • Children's Sunday School, Community Bible Church
  • Kevin Schoonhoven
    • Academic Dean, The Cornerstone Bible College

Content Tracks: Seminars

Ministry Track 

Raising Our Kids to be Bereans  |  Student Ministries | Preschool Ministry

Parenting Track 

Parenting Children  |  Parenting Teenagers

Biblical Roles Track 

Fulfilling your Role in the Church and Home

Teen Track 

 Gaining a Vision for Your Life that Counts for Eternity