Seminar Descriptions

Pre-conference Session

Ryan Rippee and The Exalting Christ Worship TeamHow to Develop your Worship team

In this pre-conference seminar, we will have a Q&A panel answering a number of questions on how to develop your worship team. From the broader issues of shepherding, theology and philosophy of music ministry, to the more practical questions of choirs, leading a team, selecting musicians and band mix, the role of vocalists, resources, etc., our desire is to help you and your worship team be better equipped to lead your congregation in the weekly gathering.

Seminar Sessions

Phil Foley: Intentional Leadership: How to Intentionally Influence Others for Christ.

Leadership is influence. As leaders in Christ’s church, we are responsible to influence others for Christ. This requires that we be intentional with people, that we are involved in their lives so we know how to best lead them in Christ. In this seminar we will discuss effective strategies for intentionally influencing others for the glory of Christ.


Ryan Rippee: Preaching that Exalts Christ: The Pulpit Ministry of Steve Fernandez 

In this seminar, we will look at the preaching ministry of Steve Fernandez and, in doing so, develop a theology of preaching as worship. We will examine five distinguishing characteristics of Fernandez’s pulpit worship: 1) A determination to behold the Lord Jesus Christ in his glorious supremacy and all-sufficiency. 2)  A remembrance of the Triune God’s eternal, infinite love revealed in the Gospel. 3) A commitment to Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered exposition of the Scriptures. 4) A loving shepherd’s heart for the people under our care. 5) A passion to spread the glory of Christ to all peoples. In doing so, I will argue that this theology of preaching as worship is the kind of preaching that delivers, convicts, comforts, encourages and transforms its listeners by the Spirit through the Gospel to the glory of God the Father in the face of Jesus Christ.


Kempiz Hernandez: Pitfalls to avoid in Leadership

Leadership in God’s church is both an exhilarating privilege and a solemn responsibility. Whether you are a head or staff pastor, lay elder, or a lay leader, you are feeling “both” the weight and wonder of ministering to God’s people. The servant of Christ desires more than anything to be well-pleasing to the Lord, to self-sacrificially giving of himself as Christ has done for him. It’s in the midst of doing God’s work, however, that we must do everything we can, by His grace, to avoid some of the pitfalls of ministry that we caution & warn God’s people about. In this session we want to look at some of these dangers to guard against, if we are to be faithful to our Exalted Christ, the Chief Shepherd of His church.


Becky Foley: The Work of God’s Enduring Word (Address to Women) 

God’s Word, in contrast to all flesh which will wither away, is living and enduring. Because of the work of God’s Word in our lives, we are able to love one another. In this seminar, we will look at the characteristics of God’s Word and examine how we, as women, can carry out the command to fervently love one another in tangible ways.