Session Titles and Descriptions

Biblical Roles Track

Spiritually Strong Men: The Loving Leadership of a Christ-Exalting Man

Phil Foley

There may be only a few things more broken in our day than manhood and headship in relation to women and families. The price of this brokenness is enormous, but this pattern does not have to continue. Through Christ, men have the power to live differently. Spiritually strong churches, families, marriages, and relationships start with spiritually strong men.

Embracing Your Opportunity to Exalt Christ in Your Home and Church

Becky Foley

In this session, we will examine the great opportunity women have to impact both their home and their church for Christ. We will  look at what Scripture has to say about how a woman can serve well in each of these spheres, along with considering how to stay balanced. You will be encouraged to see and take hold of the significant position God has for you as a woman.

Parenting Track

Parenting Teens - A Vision for Maximum Discipleship

Kevin Schoonhoven

Regarding the teen years are you seeing them as an opportunity for delight or an occasion for despair? Your approach depends on your vision for discipleship as a generational fulfillment of the great commission. Learn how to fight for your teen instead of fighting with your teen with a renewed sense of Christ's redeeming grace and mission.

Making Much of Christ in your Parenting: Striving to Serve the Savior, not Supplant the Savior

Andrew Arcilla

This practical session will challenge and encourage parents of elementary and preschool children to keep Christ as their vision in the joyfully demanding role of parenting. Many will say that they wish there was a manual for parenting. In the kindness of God we have one - the Word of God. In this session we will be reminded of what God says about parenting and talk about ways that we can live this out in a Deuteronomy 6 kind of way.

Ministry Track

Leading and Mentoring in a Children’s Ministry:  Leading with Integrity of Heart and Skill of Hand (Psalm 78: 72)

Thomas Kawazoe

The goal of this session is to provide practical guidance for those that lead children’s ministries.  Among the topics we will tackle together:  leading and mentoring a team, providing training and feedback, managing the classroom, and ministering to the parents / adults that entrust their children to us.  There will a number of handouts related to tools we created for our particular ministry to elementary school-aged children here at CBC.

Teaching Kids to be Bereans: Feeding them from the Word and teaching them how to feed themselves

Thomas Kawazoe

The goal of this break-out session is to help all of us be better prepared to teach God’s Word. Acts 17:11 commends the Bereans to us as people who received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily. And then verse 12 adds: therefore many of them believed. Our hope is that God would save many children, in our churches and in our homes. We want to examine how we can be a part of His great plan of salvation as we strive to be Bereans, growing and maturing in our practical ability to teach the Bible to young people. With the end result that those we teach will be Bereans themselves. Emphasis will be placed on reviewing tools that might be used to teach and equip this age group.

The ABC's of Leading or Serving in a Christ Exalting Preschool Ministry

 Jeremy Jackson & Billy Manapat

Our goal in this practical session is that those who serve or lead in a preschool ministry will be encouraged and equipped. We will do this by sharing ways to affirm and care for your team throughout the long ministry year. We will also do this by showing step by step exactly what we do in our preschool ministry class-rooms from game-time to teaching time and how we strive to keep Christ in the center of it all. 

Great Commission Student Ministry

Daniel Arcilla

Do you want to promote the health and longevity of your church? Invest in your teenagers. While your ministry context will vary, non-negotiable biblical elements must be present. Your student ministry is called to evangelize (make disciples of Christ), edify (teach the Words of Christ) and equip (obey the words of Christ), students who are ultimately challenged to engage in the work of Christian ministry. We will take a practical look at how to approach these goals by discussing the importance of biblical preaching, discipleship, mentoring and apprenticeship, recreation, and working alongside families.

Teen Track

Gaining a vision for your life that counts for eternity (student-focused)

Vincent Bradshaw

Can a youth change a nation? Definitely. God used Joseph, David and Daniel in this way. However, no one started earlier than Samuel. From the age of three, he was apart from his parents, living among priests, prophesying of wickedness and training in righteousness. Be a Samuel - start now - do great things for God.